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Episode 29 – David Asarnow on the Most Effective Way to do Social Selling

by | Oct 5, 2021

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Do you know how to use social selling?
Building relationships with your clients is now more important than ever in a world where everything is increasingly on-demand. This is where social selling comes into play. Join Doug C. Brown and David Asarnow, the CEO of Business Nitrogen, as they discuss the how to’s of social selling, building relationships through trust, and much more.

In this episode you will learn:

  • How using stories to engage your audience can boost your business success.
  • Why it’s important to personalize your messages – and why your voice is your most valuable tool. 
  • Why cold calling is not dead, and the reasons you should consider using it.

Episode’s guest – David Asarnow

David Asarnow is the founder and creator of Business Nitrogen. He is the highest award-winning ClickFunnels Certified Consultant with seven Two Comma Club Awards (marketing funnels that have exceeded 7-figures) plus an 8-Figure Award. David has built multiple 8-figure businesses and has generated over $250,000,000 in revenue for his companies and clients.

Visit his website: www.BusinessNitrogen.com

David and his team are giving away a free strategy session! Learn more here:  www.BusinessNitrogen.com/Discovery-Session

Doug C. Brown is the CEO of Business Success Factors and creator of Sales Revenue Growth University, where he teaches the best sales revenue growth strategies for companies who are serious about their sales growth. These are the same strategies and methodologies that he used to increase a company’s close rate by 862% and their revenue growth by 116% - all within four months.

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