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Episode 30 – Social Selling, Having Meaningful Conversations, and How to Hire Great Salespeople With Ryann Dowdy

by | Oct 12, 2021

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How do you connect with your clients through social media?

Sales itself is a social art, and one that is rapidly changing through social media. While social selling is not for everyone, it’s undeniably here to stay as we continue to live more of our lives online, and relationships built through it will become even more critical. Join Doug C. Brown and Ryann Dowdy of Social Sellers Academy as they discuss sales through social media, hiring the right salespeople for social selling, and the importance of maintaining a human-to-human connection through the Internet.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Why you need to have an Internet presence, and why this matters for your business.
  • The best way to direct message people on social media.
  • Things to keep in mind when hiring salespeople, and why social selling is not for everyone.

Episode’s guest – Ryann Dowdy

Sales and Business Coach Ryann Dowdy helps high-achieving women leave their 9-5 and build a 6-figure business by teaching them how to master sales conversations and the mindset work required to make a total identity shift. Before starting her own business, Ryann spent 15 years in the Corporate world, building multi-million dollar sales organizations for start-ups in the marketing space. From sales rep to individual contributor to Director of Sales, Ryann has mentored, managed, and trained thousands of sales reps.

Visit her website: www.socialsellersacademy.com

Ryann and Social Sellers Academy are giving away a FREE Metrics Tracker for CEOs who are serious about creating unlimited business growth. Download it here: www.social-sellers-academy.mykajabi.com/pl/273691

Doug C. Brown is the CEO of Business Success Factors and creator of Sales Revenue Growth University, where he teaches the best sales revenue growth strategies for companies who are serious about their sales growth. These are the same strategies and methodologies that he used to increase a company’s close rate by 862% and their revenue growth by 116% - all within four months.

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