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In this podcast, sales revenue growth expert, Doug C. Brown, interviews CEOs of highly successful and profitable companies to uncover and share actionable tips behind their bulletproof sales strategies.

There is one thing about the people who have created successful businesses and kept them growing – they just happen to have learned and used sales strategies that really work! There is no doubt that you have the potential to be next in line if you have the courage to follow the path they took, one successful strategy at a time.

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Episode 3 – Crisis Management – A Revenue Growth Strategy? With Edward Segal

Episode 3 – Crisis Management – A Revenue Growth Strategy? With Edward Segal

Are you and your company prepared to handle a crisis if one is thrown your way? Have you waited to build plans for crisis management, and other aspects of business – such as public relations?

During these times of the COVID-19 pandemic, my guest, crisis management expert, PR expert, and journalist Edward Segal shares his thoughts on why crisis prevention should be a top concern for your business.